Whether you buy a used car from a private party or a dealer, finding a car that's reliable and has all of its major systems intact is a big concern. One of the biggest issues that you can run into is a car with transmission troubles. That's why you should know about the signs to look for in these vehicles before you make a final purchase decision. Here are some of the many signs that you can look for during the test drive and inspection.

Check the Dashboard

The code for transmission is P0700 in many models; seeing this code on the dashboard calls for a checkup at the least.  

Look for Fluid Leaks As You Drive Away

When you first pull the car off the lot, stop for a second to get out of the car. Check the spot where the car was parked to make sure there are no fluid leaks. A fluid spot could be a sign of oil leakage or transmission leaks; transmission fluid generally has a reddish tinge that sets it apart from an oil spill. Out of all transmission problems, this is one of the easiest to deal with, as long as you get transmission repair quickly and avoid driving the car before then.

Notice for Shaky Gears

As you drive, do you feel that the car is slipping in and out of different gears? This is a surefire sign of transmission problems.

Practice Shifting Through Every Gear

Your car may not have a problem on the most common gear, but how does it adapt to shifting through every gear? If you notice that there's a delay or struggle as you try to switch through the gears, then you might have a transmission problem on your hands.

When you test drive a car and it doesn't have any of these tell-tale signs, it reduces your chance of having a transmission failure in the near future. But to be sure, you might want to take the car to an auto repair center that specializes in transmission repairs to be on the safe side. They can give the car a clean bill of health, or else let you know the urgency of repairs and the cost. Finding out that a car has transmission issues isn't always a deal breaker; you might be able to get the cost of transmission repair knocked off of your purchase price. And if the car is in otherwise good condition during the inspection, it may still be a worthwhile deal. Contact a business, such as Shift Rite Transmission & Auto, for more information.