If you had a crash relating to brake failure, you may be wondering what caused your brakes to fail at that particular moment. Knowing this information is a big component of getting the right auto brake repair service. Here are some of the possible causes of a brake failure.

There Was Not Enough Friction on the Brake Pads

Brakes rely on the friction of the brake pads to slow your vehicle. Your brakes might not have enough friction if the brake pads are heavily worn down, or if the brake pads are not being held in alignment with one another and only certain parts of the pads are touching.

The Brakes Were Uneven

Another type of brake failure is called domino fade. This happens when one brake has more power than the others. Rather than failing to stop, you might spin to the left or right when this is the issue. You may have experienced a similar problem as a kid when riding a bike; if you accidentally slammed on one side of your handlebar brakes more than the other, your bike started to flip because your braking power was uneven. A mechanic should check whether brakes are in good condition, but also if they are in relatively equal condition. If you end up having an accident and domino fade is suspected, it's probably a good idea to replace all of your brakes after the accident to make absolute sure that you have an even set of brakes.

You Were Too Close

It may also be that your brakes were working fine but you happened to be too close to the car in front of you for brakes to perform their task. While ti can be tempting to pack in next to the car in front of you, especially when others are weaving in and out of lanes, staying back at least several seconds worth of travel time is a great way to reduce your chances of a fender bender.

Your Braking Fluid Was Low

With hydraulic braking systems, the level of fluid present in the braking system can be a component of performance. Your auto brake repair service will check hydraulic performance at each brake inspection.

Any of these issues can easily cause a brake failure that leads to an accident. This is why it's important to get a brake check-up at least once a year so that you can be sure your brakes won't fail on you when they are needed most. Contact a business that offers auto brake repair service if you are having problems with your brakes.