Whether you drive a Mazda or a Maserati, keeping your car maintained is one of the most responsible things to do as a vehicle owner, which is why having the basic tools on hand you would need to perform everyday tasks is an all out necessity. While most car owners are familiar with the basic tool necessities and aptly keep a toolbox of these necessities in the trunk of their vehicle, owning a European car can be a little different. To make sure you are prepared for maintenance as a driver with a European car, there are a few things you must have in your toolbox that may not otherwise be required. 

Large Metric Sockets to Fit the Wheel Hubs

If you get a flat in a regular domestic car, you simply pull out the tire iron and get to work removing the wheel hubs. However, owning a European car can easily mean that the usual tire tool will not fit the wheel hub nuts. Do a quick check of your wheel hubs and see what size socket you would need to fit and make sure you have one in your toolbox. The last thing you would want to do is not do this and then discover when you actually have to change a tire that your standard tire tool just won't do the trick. 

Full Set of Metric Wrenches

Most vehicle owners have a toolbox with a few wrenches tossed in, but with a European ride, it is more likely that all you will use is the metric-sizes, so make certain you have a full set. From getting to things like the spark plugs and oil filter to performing basic tasks, you will almost always find yourself reaching for the millimeter wrenches because the bolts, taps, and other fasteners inside the motor will be sized accordingly. As an added note, if you own a high-performance vehicle, such as a BMW, it is a good idea to make sure these wrenches are thin profiled, as he motors of high-performance vehicles often have less wiggle room to work.

Manual with Basic Information on Your Engine

It may sound odd to keep a book in your toolbox, but if you are driving around in a car that boasts an engine with a totally unfamiliar layout, you better believe a manual will do you a lot of good if something goes wrong because it will help you find your way around. You can pick up manuals with a wealth of information for just about any European make or model at an auto parts store, but can also order replacement vehicle manuals directly from the car manufacturer in a lot of cases. Contact a company like Checkered Flag Imports Inc to learn more.