If you own a car, you should consider getting a tune-up as a way to prevent problems from happening. During a tune-up, a mechanic, such as White Pass Garage, will inspect your car to catch small issues so that they do not become big problems. A tune-up can involve performing routine maintenance, or even replacing parts that are worn out.

Unfortunately, many car owners ignore the tune-up until there is a clear problem. When you notice one of these things, it's not too late to have your car looked at to catch something before it gets worse.

Slow To Accelerate

Do you notice your car taking a long time to get up to its top speed? Maybe it is losing power when you are driving fast on the freeway? It is possible that your engine just does not have the pep that it once had, since an engine can wear down as you put more miles on your car. If the loss in power is sudden, it could be a sign that you have a bigger problem to deal with. Monitor how much gas the car is consuming, and if you are no longer getting good mileage when on the road. If so, the engine could need a tune-up.

Unexplained Vibrations and Noises

It is normal for people to go to their mechanic and try to describe a noise that they are hearing. These are often the precursors to bigger issues with a car. If the problem is intermittent, try to record the problem on video with your smart phone. This could help let a mechanic know what problem they should be looking for. For instance, if the noise happens when shifting gears, it could be a transmission issue.

Warning Indicators

Your car may be running just fine, but you have a check engine soon light on your dash that is now on all the time. Don't ignore this warning sign, and have your car inspected for problems. Mechanics can hook up a computer to your car to read the error code that the light is indicating, which will tell them exactly what the problem is.


Stalling is never a good sign, and if this is happening to you, take your car in immediately to get looked at. You most likely ignored another early indication sign that required repair, and now your car is no longer reliable for driving.

When in doubt about a potential car problem, always have it looked at by a professional.