Before you buy any used car, there are a few parts that you should check out to see if there is any major damage. Transmission is one of these parts that can be costly to fix. Here are some ways to tell if a used car has transmission problems.

Step 1: Start the Car

One of the easiest tests that you can do is check the dashboard for any warning lights. Sometimes, the engine light will come on when there is transmission trouble. It may be accompanied by a code; P0700 is a common one that indicates transmission trouble. If any lights appear on the dashboard, an auto repair estimate is a good idea before you buy the car.

Step 2: Check Under the Car

Before you get on the road, you can also check under the car for any signs of leakage. If you pull the car out of its parking spot, you may be able to see fluid leaks from the vehicle. A reddish fluid leak is indicative of a transmission issue. Otherwise, it may be an oil leak or other fluid problem.

Step 3: See How It Drives

A test drive is critical for finding transmission problems. There are a few different issues that you're looking for. First of all, when you're driving normally without switching gears, does the vehicle drive smoothly or does it seem to change gears on its own? When you actually do switch gears, does the transition happen naturally or does the car sputter a bit before switching gears? Be vigilant for these issues and make sure that you try the car in every gear during your test drive. A car can work just fine in certain gears and then experience slippage when you hit other gears.

These are a few of the easy tests that you can do for a transmission checkup; it also pays to visit a transmission repair auto center if you suspect any issues. Driving a car with a bad transmission can quickly lead to a costly repair, so if you are still interested in the vehicle, get it to a shop right away before you buy. It might be possible to work out a deal with the seller to take care of transmission repair as part of your purchase. A transmission specialist is your best resource for ensuring the condition of the transmission and getting quotes for repairs.