Seeing your teen finally get their learner's permit and start driving can be an exciting experience, but it can definitely make you nervous as well. There is good reason why most parents enroll their child in some form of driving school so they can get that first bit of experience in a safe and controlled environment with a qualified instructor. Teens who have not had driving experience tend to assume things that can get them in trouble on the road. Here is a brief glance at some of the most common assumptions teen drivers have and why they can be dangerous. 

Assumption: It helps you feel more relaxed about driving if you listen to music.

It is common for teens to get a few hours behind the wheel of a car and go ahead and start reaching for the radio controls because they think it will make them feel more at ease. While someone with ample driving experience can safely listen to the radio and drive at the same time without it being an issue, someone who is just starting out can usually be distracted by excessive noise. Plus, with the radio on, it can make it difficult to hear instructions from whoever is riding with them and even block out important sounds from outside, such as a horn blowing.

Assumption: You should pay careful attention the the front end of your vehicle to make sure you are within the lines. 

If you will watch your inexperienced teen drive, you will see that they have a tendency to pay more attention to the front end of the vehicle than they do the road ahead of them. This is because they feel like keeping their vehicle between the lines is easier by paying attention to the front of the vehicle. The problem with this is by doing so, they could be missing what is oncoming, which can be dangerous. 

Assumption: It is better to use both feet for acceleration and braking than just one. 

While driving, using only one foot to operate the accelerator and the brake is the most efficient way to drive. Using both feet can cause problems because it is easy to inadvertently hit one pedal or the other when you mean to do the opposite, which could easily cause a collision. Teens sometimes assume that two feet would be better than just one because they feel like they have more control over the vehicle. 

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