Driving with bad brakes is dangerous, but many people drive around with bad brakes because they do not realize that their brakes are failing. This means that even if you are taking care of your vehicle, there are many others on the road that may not be. Perhaps you are unaware of how your vehicle will perform if there are issues with the brake system. The following points are signs that your brakes may be failing. 

Warning Lights

There are numerous lights that many modern vehicles have in them to warn drivers that something needs to be repaired. Check your owners manual to determine whether your vehicle emits a brake-light warning via the dashboard. If so, and you see the light, it is likely that your vehicle has a brake issue. However, a bad sensor may cause the light to emit an erroneous warning. Some bad sensors may even cause the lights not to emit at all. 

Squealing or Grinding

Squealing brakes are indicative that your brake pads are glazed or worn out. This is something that needs to be addressed promptly to avoid damage to your rotors. If you ignore the squealing, your brake system will continue to deteriorate. You can expect to eventually hear grinding. This is a more serious sound because when brakes get damaged to the point of grinding, it is likely a sign that several components of the brake system will need to be replaced. These parts may include rotors, brake pads, and brake shoes. 

Weird Acceleration

You may also notice that your vehicle has a laggy acceleration, which is often attributed to motor problems. However, the culprit may be your brakes. Sticking caliper pistons are often the culprit for this laggy acceleration. Obstructions in brake cables can also cause this brake phenomenon to occur. Ice, rust, and other debris are examples of obstructions. Some people with bad brakes also experience their vehicles shifting or pulling to one side. Issues such as frozen brake cables can cause this type of issue, and oil or brake fluid on brake pads or shoes can also be the culprit.  

A shop that performs auto-brake repair in your area is a good resource to use to determine whether your brakes are failing. It is best to rely on these professionals because some signs of brake failure might actually be other issues, such as misalignment. The professionals can inspect to determine which parts of the brake system have failed. For example, leaking brake fluid is a sign of caliper failure, but other parts of your system may not need to be replaced.