If you are considering buying a used car from a small dealer or a private sale, it might be worth your time to have the car inspected by a mechanic or auto repair shop before you make the decision to close the deal. There are things that you might not see that could cause a long term issue with the car. If the buyer refuses to let you have it check out by a garage or mechanic, that might be a reason to walk away and look else were for a car.

Checking Out The Engine

The engine is one of the critical parts of the car and there are things that can be indications of problems internally. A mechanic will check the oil for metal shavings that can indicate excessive wear and tear in the engine or bearings that are worn. Noise from within the engine can also indicate problems that may be catastrophic in time.

Inspecting the Transmission

Another critical component that should be checked by your mechanic or auto repair shop is the transmission. If the car has an automatic transmission, checking the condition of the transmission fluid can tell you a lot. If the fluid smelled burnt, it can be an indication of a transmission that has not been maintained properly or has been run hot. It can also indicate clutch bands that are slipping inside the transmission. You may also see metal shavings in the fluid, indicating excessive wear and reason to avoid buying the car.

Checking the Drive Axles and Running Gear

Getting the car up on a lift and inspecting the underside will allow the mechanic to see what might be otherwise hidden. He can check the drive shaft, the drive axle, the brakes, tires, and brake lines, and inspect the exhaust system completely. While he may find small issues under the car that might not be cause to avoid it, at the very least, you will have a clear picture of what parts might need to replaced in the near future and are not going into the purchase uninformed.

While some small items are not always a reason to avoid purchasing the car, they may be something you can use to reduce the purchase price of the vehicle. Alternatively, you could use the report from the mechanic to get the problems repaired before you purchase the car. Consider your options and be sure to talk to the mechanic about getting an estimate for repairs that are critical so you can decide whether to ask for repairs or a reduced price from the seller. To learn more, contact a company like G P Automotive.