The engine is one of the parts of a vehicle that can cause several other problems when it is not fully functional. For example, the transmission might malfunction when the engine isn't working to the fullest extent. If you don't know why the check engine light won't go off in your vehicle, it is time for an inspection to be done by a mechanic. Prompt repairs are necessary because a bad engine can actually cause your vehicle to catch on fire, but it depends on the specific problems. Below, you will find out what possibly led to the check engine light coming on in your vehicle.

1. Engine Parts Have Been Rubbing Together

A check engine light that doesn't go off can stem from parts rubbing together. The light is trying to warn you that the engine in your vehicle is in need of prompt attention. One of the reasons why engine parts sometimes rub together is due to one or more of them being loose or broken. In such a case, the parts can be repaired to stop the rubbing from happening. Engine parts can also begin rubbing together when there isn't enough oil in the vehicle, so make sure that a mechanic is hired to check the levels on your behalf.

2. The Engine Gets Too Hot

A hot engine can put your life at risk each time that your vehicle is driven, especially if you take long road trips with the problem present. The reason why is due to the heat becoming excessive enough for a fire to start inside of your vehicle. The main cause of an engine getting hot is from there being a low level of coolant in the radiator. If you constantly have to get coolant placed inside of your vehicle, the radiator might be the cause of the engine overheating. For instance, the radiator is possible too worn out to send coolant to the engine in a satisfactory amount.

3. There is a Low Amount of Engine Power

An engine that has lost a portion of the power that it needs to function can lead to the check engine light coming on in a vehicle. One reason for such a problem is that the engine is simply old and about to stop working. However, in a less severe situation, you only need to get transmission fluid placed in the vehicle. The fluid moves from the torque converter to give the engine power.

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