Now that you've purchased a new Land Rover, it's time to find a reliable service technician to take care of it for you in the coming years. Here are three steps to take before committing to work with a Land Rover technician:

Schedule an Initial Consultation

To ensure that the technician who works on your new Land Rover meets your needs and expectations long-term, schedule an initial consultation with any service providers you consider working with before you make any commitments to anyone. An initial consultation will allow you to learn a lot about the repair shops you're interested in such as:

  • Whether they specialize in Land Rovers exclusively or spend some of their time on other makes and models.

  • How vehicles are stored and secured if they have to stay at the shop overnight.

  • What the waiting room will be like if you find yourself waiting for an oil change or tune up to be completed.

  • The intake process for customers when they bring their Land Rovers in to be repaired.

You'll have an opportunity to ask specific questions when meeting with prospective technicians, so make a list of the questions that are important to you to ensure that everything gets addressed upfront.

Get Guarantees in Writing

During the consultations you participate in, it's important to get any guarantees that are offered to you in writing so you know exactly what each guarantee entails. This will help minimize the chance of facing unwanted surprises and ensure that you have the guidance needed if you want to take advantage of a guarantee in the future.

For instance, if the repair facility you're considering using offers return guarantees for the Land Rover parts they put in your vehicle as time goes on, get the specific return policies in writing. You should know things such as how to request a refund for a part, how long the return process takes, and whether there are any fees associated with the return.

Gain Insight From Other Customers

It's also a good idea to tap into what other customers have to say about a repair facility before choosing it to service your Land Rover in the coming years. Ask the facility for references to call, browse online reviews on reputable websites, and ask friends and family if they've ever had any dealings with the facility. You should be able to gain insight into customer service quality, appointment scheduling convenience, and genuine Land Rover parts availability.

How long does it take for customers to get called back after leaving a message for their technician? Do customers have a hard time scheduling same week appointments due to the facility being consistently booked? Are most customers able to have their Land Rovers repaired right away, or do they have to wait for the facility to order the parts that are needed for the job? These are some questions to think about.