Motor vehicles can be a source of air pollution when they are not running properly. EGR valves were the attempt of some diesel truck manufacturers to reduce toxic emissions. Unfortunately, many EGR valves cause more problems than they solve.

Eliminating the valve altogether can be a great way to improve the performance of your diesel truck and extend the life of your truck well into the future.

1. An EGR valve can contribute to a dirty intake manifold.

The purpose of an EGR valve is to recirculate a percentage of the exhaust created by your diesel truck back through the intake manifold so that the exhaust can go through the combustion process once again. It was believed that this double combustion exposure would reduce pollutants and improve a truck's efficiency. 

Dirty exhaust moving through the intake manifold can have the opposite effect. The particles within the exhaust can stick to the interior surface of the intake manifold. Vital hoses and valves can become clogged with these particles, causing your diesel engine to work harder.

A dirty intake manifold can cause premature engine failure. Removing the EGR valve from your truck will help keep the intake manifold clean, extending the life of your engine.

2. An EGR valve can reduce engine power.

As a result of the gunk that accumulates in the intake manifold when an EGR valve is present, the engine in your truck cannot run efficiently. The flow of air, engine oil, and other liquids are compromised as a result of the EGR valve's effect on the intake manifold. This leads to a reduction in the amount of power that your engine can generate.

Diesel trucks are often used to tow heavy loads. Towing requires maximum power, and an EGR valve could be limiting your truck's towing capacity. Remove the valve to experience a boost in engine power.

3. An EGR valve can contribute to HVAC problems.

The ability to heat or cool your truck's interior is essential when it comes to the comfort of your vehicle. The EGR valve utilizes a series of vacuum controls to help regulate the flow of exhaust through the intake manifold. These vacuum controls can interfere with your vehicle's HVAC system.

You might experience clogged vacuum lines or improper temperature readings when an EGR valve causes your intake manifold to become dirty. Eliminating the EGR valve will ensure that you have access to a functional HVAC system in your truck at all times.

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