If your car is going to wear out, it's likely going to give you ample warning first. The key lies in recognizing the signs your car needs auto repair before it runs down completely. The sooner you can get your car in for auto repair, the better.

If you're on the road and notice any of the following signs with your car, get to the mechanic shop as soon as you can. Even better, pull over as soon as you can and call your auto insurance company to assist you in getting your car towed to the nearest auto mechanic.

Your oil light is on

Your engine cannot run if it does not have proper oil lubrication. If your oil light is on, your car is already in trouble. If your oil and engine light are both on, your vehicle's engine could be in serious trouble. Your dash warning lights come on as a last resort when your car is in trouble, so get to an auto mechanic for auto repair as soon as you see these lights come on.

Your car is smoking

Your car should never smoke or steam outside its hood. If it does, there might be a temperature issue with your car's engine and your vehicle can be overheating. Or, your engine may be getting ready to blow out. This could also be a sign your transmission may be failing.

A best case scenario would mean your vehicle is actually just burning off some excess oil or other fluid from the engine, but you don't want to take any chances. Get to an auto mechanic as soon as you see any problems with your car emitting smoke or steam from under the hood.

Your car is losing power

Your car should never lose power while you're driving, and if it does, it could die in the middle of the road.  An engine, alternator, transmission, or another serious vehicle issue may be to blame for a car that doesn't have much power, and you don't want to wait until you're on the freeway before you have a complete vehicle breakdown.

Auto services can be cheaper if you have the repair done before parts of the vehicle wear out completely. Having your car regularly serviced can help prevent it from running low on fluids and can give you peace of mind your car is operating at its best. If you have a vehicle emergency, get to a safe location immediately and contact the local authorities for assistance. You'll be referred to an ideal auto repair specialist for your needs.