Owning a heavy-duty diesel truck is excellent when you need a truck with a lot of power and torque. Engines like the Cummins 6.7 performance engine can turn out power in the four hundred horsepower range and torque numbers nearing one thousand foot-pounds, but if you still want more, there are some ways to add even more power to these engines safely. 

Let It Breathe

One of the easiest ways to coax some additional power out of your engine is to allow more air in and more exhaust out. Changing the factory air intake and adding a free-flowing air filter to your intake can significantly increase the amount of air the engine has available.

Once you get the additional air into the engine, you will need to increase the efficiency of the exhaust system as well. Installing a larger exhaust that can more efficiently carry spent gases away from the engine can increase the engine's power. 

Fuel Injectors

The stock injectors on a large diesel engine are good, but they are designed to work at the stock power range. If you have added a free-flowing intake and exhaust system to your truck, increasing the size of the injectors can add more fuel to the engine and use the additional air to make more power. 

Selecting the right size injectors is critical, so working with a diesel performance shop that understands how to size the new injectors and tune the engine once installed is essential. If you use an injector that is too large, you could find that you are not getting a power increase, but you are using more fuel. 

Like with any performance modification, the parts need to complement each other to increase the engine's power output and maintain the driveability and fuel efficiency that you expect from your truck.

Tuners Or Programmers

Another option that can significantly increase the power output of your engine is a performance tuner or programmer. These tuners work to change the factory engine calibration in the computer and alter the timing, fuel delivery, and many other settings to deliver additional power in the range needed.

There is an extensive range of tuners available that can take your truck from mild to wild very quickly, so make sure you select a tuner that is right for your needs and will not make the truck hard to drive or damage the engine. It is also essential to check your area to make sure the tuner is legal before installing it.