If you are on the road away from home in your RV and experience a problem that requires some repair, you will need to find an RV repair center or truck shop nearby. If the repair is RV-specific, you may need to find a dealer in the area that has a service center to help you.

Towing Your RV

If your RV has a breakdown that requires towing it to a shop, you will need to contact a heavy-duty tow service. RVs are heavy, and towing services that handle trucks and semis have the equipment to best handle the weight and size of most motorhomes or RVs. 

If the RV is not running at all, the tow truck operator can move it to an RV repair shop if one is nearby or a truck repair shop that can handle the repair work you need. The truck shop may be the only place nearby with tools and equipment large enough to handle RV repair. Sometimes you can have the truck shop get your rig running, then drive it to an RV dealer. 

Dealerships And Service

Most RV dealers that sell large motorhomes have a service shop at the dealership that works on the RVs that they sell. Dealers also offer RV repair for owners that need it, so if you are having issues with your RV and you are thousands of miles from home, finding an RV dealer is often the best way to get repairs. 

The RV dealer service center will have trained technicians that work exclusively on RVs and can help diagnose the issue and get it fixed for you. If you need parts, the dealer is one of the few places that might have RV-specific parts in stock or be able to get them quickly for you. 

Most RVs use standard gasoline or diesel engines, and parts for those are easy to find at most auto parts stores, but if you are dealing with something specific to the RV, you may not be able to get a replacement part without ordering one from the manufacturer, and that can take some time. The RV dealer can try to locate the parts for you and help you get back on the road as fast as possible.

RV Clubs And Roadside Assistance

If you are a member of an RV club, you may want to call them first if you break down. Many RV clubs offer roadside assistance and towing to their members, and they can arrange to get someone out to you, get your rig off the road, and help you find a place that can handle RV repair work in the area. 

The roadside assistance representative you are working with will have the resources needed to find you the help you need. They may also get you better prices for service, towing, and repairs because you are a club member.