If you want to get the most out of your vehicle, you want to have it serviced regularly. Spacing for this servicing varies depending on how frequently you drive your car and how old it is. Does it matter what auto service shop you go to? It might, and here are signs you need to pay more attention to where you take your car for its servicing needs.

You have a foreign make

There are many foreign makes and models of vehicles on the roads in the United States, but if you have one that is less common than another, such as an Audi, then it's wise to stick to a specialty auto service shop for your car's needs. For example, if you'll best benefit from an Audi service shop if you have this make of vehicle and the model is less than the typical one.

The same can be said if your foreign make is a specially-ordered import. You'll get the best benefit from your vehicle if you have a specialist inspect and care for it who understands the type of car you have and who has a certification in its parts and specifications.

You have a custom car

A custom vehicle should go to a specialty shop to ensure the car gets the treatment it needs. Stick to a service shop for automobiles that specializes in the make and model of your car if you can,  and do your research on the specialists you choose based on length of time in business, reviews, and listed skills. The more skilled a specialist is in the type of service your vehicle needs — a diesel service shop for a diesel vehicle, for example — the better your results might be.

You have a new car

Do you have an Audi and the dealership works with a local Audi service shop or similar type of vehicle with a similar situation? In cases like these, it's best to choose the service specialist that goes with the vehicle you have so you can keep warranties and guarantees in check and can meet the needs your auto dealership might have for servicing your vehicle. Check with your Audi service shop or other vehicle service shop if this applies to you.

Service costs vary for your automobile based on how complete your services are and the type of car you have. If you go to an auto service shop that has a specialty, they may even be able to order parts you need if applicable.

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