A malfunctioned transmission may cause enough frustration for some individuals to abandon or sell their vehicles and get another one rather than explore their options for auto transmission services. Drivers have the option to get rebuilt transmissions for their vehicles that are created in factories, request transmission rebuilds from auto shops, or buy new transmissions.

Auto mechanics can inspect vehicles with damaged transmissions, and determine whether they can rebuild onsite. It is rare for new transmissions to be located for domestic vehicles. Most domestic replacements are rebuilt, which isn't a bad thing. The parts must go through stringent testing, come with impressive warranties, and they help the environment by reducing landfill waste. 

Fluid Leaks 

These are usually evidenced by drivers observing odd fluid in their driveways or parking spaces. Sometimes transmission fluid gets confused with oil leaks. A properly working vehicle should not leak transmission fluid or oil. The engines and transmissions in vehicles are both considered critical parts that are expensive to repair and replace. Evidence of leaks should be treated as an emergency. An auto repair shop can determine where the leak is coming from. Timely discovery and repairs could prevent total failure.

Check the Transmission Dipstick

Drivers should check their transmission fluid levels if they suspect leaks. The proper way to do this differs depending on the type of vehicle. The information can be found in vehicle manuals. If unavailable, a copy might be available online. Many auto shops will check the levels at no cost, but there might be a charge if the vehicle is inspected. If transmission services discover that there are issues, the vehicle will need to be repaired if possible. Some transmission issues are related to the fluid needing to be changed. Dark-colored fluid is a sign that the fluid can no longer serve its intended function and needs to be changed. If it is brown and does not get changed, it can damage the transmission because the tainted fluid will not have the capacity to dissipate heat.

An auto shop is a good resource to use if transmission problems are suspected. Some modern vehicles have transmission warning lights that illuminate the dashboards when sensors detect issues. Drivers who are keen enough to recognize the early signs of transmission issues might be able to get transmission services and avoid a local rebuild or replacement. Auto mechanics can inspect vehicles and determine whether the damages are repairable.