While getting in your car, you may have noticed one or more large scratches in the body's paint. While looking at them more closely, you may even be able to see the underlying metal because the scratches are deep.

Since the scratches are the only damage to the paint, you may be tempted to try to patch them up yourself. However, there are a couple of reasons why you need to have a professional repair deep scratches in your car's paint instead.

1. Damage to the Car's Body Caused When the Scratches Were Made May Need to Be Repaired

One reason why you should forget about trying to touch up your car's paint after it has suffered deep scratches is that the damage most likely extends down to the base metal of the car's body. Even if you were to paint over the area, the bare parts of the body would be susceptible to deterioration from dirt and moisture, causing the metal to rust under the paint.

When a professional body repair technician does the work, they have the tools and experience necessary to ensure that the area is thoroughly cleaned, buffed, and repaired before the paint is reapplied. This helps to protect the body of your car from damage in the future.

2. Color Matching the Car's Paint Is Difficult Unless You Have Professional Experience and Knowledge

Another reason why you should have a professional fix the scratches in your car's paint is that they have the experience and knowledge necessary to ensure that the paint color matches. Even if you think you have picked up a patch kit or paint pen that matches the particular color of your car, even a slight difference in the shade or hue will be noticeable after the paint dries.

However, a professional will know where to look to find the precise color code for the car. Even if your car does not have its original paint job, they can use color-matching machines to find the right color.

If the scratches in your car's paint go below the clear coating, you should not try to touch up the paint or repair it yourself. Not only will the body itself need to be checked and repaired before repainting the area, but you will most likely not be able to perfectly match the car's paint without the right experience and knowledge, making the patch noticeable. Instead, contact an auto body repair service in your area to make an appointment to have a professional fix the damage to the paint and body for you.

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