Have you experienced several incidents of your truck drivers breaking down on the side of the road and not arriving at their destinations on time? Multiple incidences of delayed arrivals can eventually ruin the reputation of your trucking company, as clients can view the delays as unprofessional. If you would like to save your business' reputation, investing in roadside assistance for your fleet of trucks is a good place to begin. With roadside assistance, your truck drivers will still arrive at their destinations in a satisfactory amount of time after experiencing a breakdown. The extent of services that will be provided to your semi-truck fleet will depend on the roadside assistance plan that you choose.

Assist with Various Tire Problems

Driving over thousands of miles and coming across various road conditions can cause even the most high-quality tires to wear down. Sometimes tires experience problems before wearing down, such as blowing out due to getting punctures from something in the road. No matter what the problems are that your drivers experience with their tires, roadside assistance can help. For example, if your drivers experience a flat tire while on the road, a new tire can be brought or they may gain assistance with attaching a spare tire. More than one tire can be brought to the location of your drivers if it is necessary.

Make Repairs without Going to a Shop

Roadside assistance is a good investment for your truck fleet because repairs that are commonly done in a shop can be performed on the side of the road. For example, if one of your trucks breaks down due to a part failing, a roadside assistance worker can install the part. The types of parts that can be installed via roadside assistance can vary. For example, a truck that needs a new transmission installed might have to be taken to a shop. However, roadside assistance includes towing, so getting your broken-down trucks to a shop should be an easy task.

Restore Fluid Levels in Stranded Trucks

Running low on fluid is a dangerous situation for a vehicle, as low fluid presents a fire hazard. For example, if any of your trucks is low on water, it can continuously overheat and put your drivers at risk of catching fire while driving. Low oil can also cause a fire hazard by causing engine parts to rub together and multiple other problems. Any type of fluid that your drivers need while stranded on the road can be brought to them by a roadside assistance worker.

Reach out to a local fleet road assistance service, such as TTS Road Service, to learn more.